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10/28/10 Notes for Seminar in Media & Design Studies

1) One page Methodology

2) Research Practices in Media Studies Programs
  • Go back to thinking about methodology (initial paragraph, visual representation)
  • Think about my methodology in relation to the question of Arts-based practice as transformative research (page 110)
  • For panel, would be more multimodal ...piece of interactive experience
  • Notion of my own research practice, coming out of a creative practice, exemplary for transformative research
  • Action Item: Read Ch 4 in Arts Practice as Research
  • Methodological stance on a set of practices, demonstrate what we mean by practice as research, research as transformative (how does your practice inform research)
  • ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Media Art) and CAA (College Art Association)
Virtual Window by Anne Friedberg
Presentation by Gabe and Discussion with class
  • overview of visuality, how it develops through practice, schools of practice
  • Alberti ...visual idea of perspective drawing & painting ...practical philosophical school up to computer, tv, mobile screens being post-perspectival
  • Central metaphors grounded in frames, windows & screens ...tracing development over time from renaissance through to today
  • replaced books with screens ...all of my input through my devices.
  • for a couple of weeks, didn't read traditionally for a while. Stepped into reading this book with those ideas in mind.
  • First sat down to read book ...videotaped myself. What does reading look like?
  • Relationship between books and screens. relationship between printed page and the screen can become a page. In the introduction but not throughout
  • Think alot about what's not in the book -- a real compiltation of the book, it interesting moment when this book was released, everything exploded ...questions, extensions, further lines of inquiry could happen to now. She finished reading the book in 2004, released in 2006 (pre-youtube or on the edge)
  • One youtube icon in interactive part but not in the book
  • Virtual mobility within cinematic frame ...virtual mobility of the cinematic viewer
  • Images & Ideas of mobile framing, recording playback, consumption, devices that carry around
  • context given by professor and then learn to read for that goal
  • sift, scan, extract info really easily -- visual, verbal, textual learner
  • found i could read for about 2-3 hours, more i read, the easier it got
  • always take notes by hand ...whatever scrap is around

The Practice of Everyday Life is a book by Michel de Certeau
Chapter on Reading as Poaching
  • A misunderstanding of reading
  • An image of ourselves reading, sitting at a table reading a bound book, but we read in all sorts of ways
  • The readers body is a wild orchestration of ticks, manners, shifts that are evoked by the reading of the book. We don't read in a state of quiestence.
  • Is reading in an absence of ubiquity? When one enters and leaves as one wishes...
Interactive Extension on Virtual Window ...great after you read the book

Book is loosely chronological along different themes. Each chapter went back and forth along a different inquiry.
Mining and interpreting the metaphor of the window
Historicity of these things ...looking not just the technical development (Alberti in Renaissance period, he invokes the window of the metaphor but also as a practical point in perspective & drawing) You paint as a look out on the world, paint the window as where you're seeing
Frame of a painting ...frame a view
Window -- imagine a line that you'd replace with an opaque substance to draw on, as a tool from 3d to 2d space
Create a virtual imagined space that shares a connection

Moving from single viewer perspective to multiple perspectives
From window, she goes to the frame
link camera obscura as a perspective tool (though this camera was there before perspective drawing)
early example of virtual movement. Within projection of camera obscura -- it as own device for moving, perspective ...linked what the cinema would become, fixed, immobile frame, virtual mobility, image moves but you as spectator does not move
Apparatus theorists -- focus on unique quality of cinema apparatus

Suturist Theorists --

Sequential multiple perspective, temporal multiple perspective -- The window

Ch 3
Material history of glass
how windows changed over time
as glass became bigger, more transparent, stronger -- than windows changed. Able to see how visuality changed over periods and time
Make buildings completely out of glass, architecture is framing the world, viewing devices that connect it to cinema, cubist paintings

Ch 4 - Architecture of Screening Places
dynamic space of movie palace is to distract u from the edge of the frame
edge never moves, its fixed and immobile... it kills the experience of mobility and movement that is happening at the center of the frame

Courbousier framed windows horizontally not vertically -- viewer of the world
arguments / discussions on cinematic and tv aspect ratios. There was a time when aspect ratio was not set
Orientation of aspect ratio come up. Eisenstein wanted vertical, horizontal frame ...argument of cinema and television
Talk about pillow talk (movie) -- how it divides up the frame, multiple frames, multiple persectives are contained simultaneously in mainstream films

Ch 5
Sequence and stackability
deeper fleshing out of multiple criticisms
1968 exhibition, 1st video monitor connected to a computer
could have focused on the computer screen as multiple perspectives

President Obama on campus
Recording, experiencing them through the screen, posting them on FB and reliving them with friends. I wanted to see him with my own eyes. We're doing what Anne Friedberg tried to pre-sage...

Vertical framing to happen ...what type of videos would look like? how will that be viewed?
pocket of our pants dictate the size of the iPhone, or our hand...
illustation of when things converge

Are these practices contribute to globally, industrial marketplace?
Made bigger through digital practices ...recording, remixing, sharing
Market is changing that, effecting it... take strength and comfort in that
find room for intervention, invention of imagine the future

Transformative works that reflects on my real world
Big commercial can be used for creative, artistic expression

mobility and immobility
agency ...doesn't extend to talk about them
spectator of being immobile and frame as static is impt to Anne

what's going to happen originated, shifted, used
do u notice if your seeing a digital projection or 35 mm production ...existential connection to the image. Existential link back to the original...

a word pins down a meaning
space for interpretation that happens in your mind ...reading the words

Wondering what is at stake?
** memes aren't history
** diy culture ...history is memes
what history are you giving up and not?
what is that form that you will take, do in the world that will be in perpetuity ...leave a mark in the world of thinking

Anne: own obsolescence is quicker than our deathbed

Vice versus focus ...

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